the installation


"Maps of Silence" can be presented in three formats:

Full Exhibition:

  1. Thirty (30) Portraits; gouache on wood, 16 x 20 inches each.   Portraits can be organized into different layouts according to the assigned space.
  2. Maps; ink on paper, irregular pieces presented as a large collage. Final size can be scaled in accordance with the assigned space.
  3. One Video; presents images of portraits, maps, project creation and the 4'33" performances worldwide on continuous looping play. Projection size can be scaled to fit assigned space.  
  4. Three (3) Panels; foam board 31 x 15 inches each.   Panels should be placed near entrance as they provide background information about the installation: Buenos Aires 1975, New York 1986, and 4'33" by John Cage.

Technical needs:

  1. One room no smaller than 10 x 15 feet that can be partially isolated from ambient light and sound  
  2. Localized lighting (e.g. spot lighting or similar) for portraits, maps and panels
  3. Video projector and sound system/speakers


Traveling Exhibition:

  1. Sixty (60) mobiles of Portraits and Maps; 8 x 10 inch print reproductions of portraits and maps mounted double-sided on foam board.   Hung on fish lines, images are placed at different heights/spacings and distance from the walls to create a spinning mobile effect.
  2. One Video; same at Full Exhibition
  3. Three (3) Panels; same as Full Exhibition

Technical needs:

  1. Same as Full Exhibition


Video Installation:

  1. Video; same as Full Exhibition.  Shown via projector/screen, TV or computer monitor
  2. Three (3) Panels; same as Full Exhibition or a brochure with the same images and background information.

Technical needs:

  1. A single wall partially isolated from ambient light and sound
  2. Video projector, TV or computer monitor
  3. Sound system/speakers
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