exploratorium museum

art and memory museum

4'33" performances

The portraits and the maps face each other on opposite walls. The installation is a dialogue between the two cities (Buenos Aires and New York) and their inhabitants. All the faces in the portraits gaze outward to the onlooker. We can imagine something about their lives using clues of bits of clothing and the background behind them. On both the maps and portraits there are fragments of handwriting and solid black vertical lines. The fragments of textured handwriting woven into each drawing provide a glimpse to their daily lives: letters to loved ones, notes to themselves, lists of things to do. The vertical black lines could symbolize the movements of Cage's 4'33" and prisons that silence can create. These people were going through misfortune and heartache. Maps of Silence is a tribute to the victims and survivors of those difficult times.

Video: Compilation of videos by collaborators worldwide who filmed their interpretations of Cage’s 4’33” for this project. Musician Gregory Kuhn extracted the accidental sounds from each performance and remixes them into an original composition for this installation.


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