Rafael Landea

Received his MFA from La Plata University, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a 2011 recipient of a San Francisco Arts Commission Grant for Individual Artists and he was featured in the 2012 “Our Radar”, Creative Capital database of art projects. His works are included in the public collections at MaM (Museum of Art and Memory), and MPB (Fine Arts Museum Buenos Aires) Argentina. His most recent solo exhibition (January 2012) was “Maps of Silence”, a multimedia installation at the Exploratorium Museum of Art Science and Human Perception in San Francisco. Other solo exhibition venues include Grace Cathedral 1055 Gallery, San Francisco; UNLP Buenos Aires University History Department, Argentina; and, Archimboldo Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Group exhibition highlights include “Performance” at Gensler Design, and Glass Door Gallery both in San Francisco, CA, USA. Rafael has worked as a set designer and painter for theater in Argentina for more than 15 years. He has also been actively involved in designing and producing murals nationally and internationally; the latest in San Francisco, funded by Artery Project, and collaborations in Turin and Genoa, Italy. In 2013, Rafael is working on “The Rumor”, a series of drawings based on the work of German artist Andreas Paul Weber ("Das Gerücht", 1943).

Gregory T. Kuhn

A multidisciplinary artist in the avant-garde of the performing and fine arts since 1986, as composer, sound engineer and designer, visual artist and designer, dramaturge, and collaborator.  After receiving a BA in Music from Swarthmore College under composer Gerald Levinson, theory with David Finko and piano with Linda DePasquale, he worked with Relâche, New Music America 1987, and at the Yellow Springs Institute in the Philadelphia area.  Since 1988 in the San Francisco Bay Area, he has collaborated on a great diversity of local, national and international projects for theater, multimedia, dance, and experimental and contemporary music performances, and installation art.  Recent recognition includes the 2007 Isadora Duncan Award for S.F. Ballet’s Ballet Mori (with Ken Goldberg and Randall Packer), and the 2008 Lucille Lortel Award for Unique Theatrical Experience for Rinde Eckert’s Horizon, (directed by David Schweizer.)

Ongoing activities include new works by Paul Dresher, Rinde Eckert, Joan Jeanrenaud, Margaret Jenkins, Stephen Kent, Randall Packer/Zakros InterArts, Larry Reed/Shadowlight, Kitka, the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players, and the Other Minds Festival. Other concert and multimedia credits include projects with Alvin Curran, Lauren Elder, David Lang, Pauline Oliveros/Deep Listening, Joanna Haigood/Zaccho Dance, John Duykers and Melissa Weaver/Agape, Pamela Z, the late Contraband, the California EAR Unit, and projects with AsianImprovArts, CNMAT at UC Berkeley, SF International Arts Festival, City of Tribes records, and the Good Sound Foundation. In the theater world his credits include works by Berkeley Repertory Theater, Magic Theater, BRAVA, San Francisco Shakespeare Festival, Theater of Yugen, and the late Life On The Water.  He has designed for Isadora Duncan Award performances by Joe Goode Performance Group, June Watanabe In Company, and Remy Charlip, and is often designing for other Bay Area artists.

Kuhn’s cross-disciplinary works of note include the 1990 Cretan Maze with Helena Mazzariello in the Robert Sibley Regional Preserve; the seismic Mori: An Internet-Based Earthwork which premiered in Tokyo and exhibited throughout the US (1999, with Goldberg, Matusik, and Packer), the 2004 Experimental Party Disinformation Center at the Luxe Gallery in NYC; and Narcissus’ Well (2007, with Howard, Packer, Smith).

His work is often supported by the generosity of Meyer Sound and Cycling74.

His work as a live sound engineer for contemporary music appears on numerous recordings, and the release,Living Labyrinths, is a live recording of his electronic/improvisational composition performed by Stephen Kent from the 2005 Garden of Memory Solstice concert.

Enrique Landea

Argentinean musician, is the creator of the videos Buenos Aires and New York, he is also responsible of the research in Buenos Aires and colaborator since the begining of the project.


The John Cage's 4'33" performers:

Alessandro y Fabrizio, Torino, Italia

Georgina Roo, Paris, Francia

Orquesta Infanto Juvenil, Pehuajó, Argentina

Haydé West, Córdoba y Jujuy, Argentina

Kegel Kater & Electric Orifice Orchestra, San Francisco, USA

Clarissa Cestari, Barcelona, Spain

Nahuel Bon, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Francesco Rosato, Tokyo, Japan

Lia Tortonese y Enrique Landea, La Plata, Argentina

J. Atalah Z. y J.J Valverde B., Santiago de Chile, Chile

Edith d'Imperio, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Martín Roo & Rocío Roo, Ensenada, Argentina

Marketa Klicova, New York, USA

Escuela de Educación Estética, La Plata, Argentina


Jim Cave, lighting design and an indispensable artistic consultant.

Craig Cooper, artistic input, administrative and emotional support, valuable aesthetic and technical analysis, and love.

San Francisco Arts Commission

Glenn Motowidlak: Photography at Exploratorium Museum, San Francisco, USA

Julieta de Marziani: Photography at Museum of Art and Memory, La Plata, Argentina

Gene Caprioglio from Edition Peters

Many thanks to:

Exploratorium West Gallery and Staff, Maria Morelli, Martin Roo, Kevin Chavez, Julio Mandel, Tim Lewis, Lauren Elder, Michele Pred.

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